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Longitudinal Data Analysis for Social Scientists
25th - 26th September 2018 - Edinburgh

This is a two-day hands on training workshop led by Professor Vernon Gayle, AQMEN (Data Science for Social Research), University of Edinburgh.

Across the social sciences there is widespread agreement that longitudinal data provides powerful research resources.  Many books and courses on longitudinal data analysis are oriented towards statistics and they often lack adequate coverage of the common practical challenges associated with undertaking ‘real’ research. This workshop is specially designed for social scientists. It provides a brief and highly accessible introduction to quantitative longitudinal data analysis using Stata software.

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An Introduction to Statistical Modelling for Qualitative Researchers
27th September 2018 - Edinburgh

This is a one-day training workshop led by Professor Vernon Gayle, AQMEN (Data Science for Social Research), University of Edinburgh.

Statistical models are increasingly common in social science research. Many researchers whose interests are substantive rather than methodological struggle to understand these techniques and are disinclined to engage with research that employs these approaches. This workshop is designed for researchers who would like to learn about statistical modelling.

This one-day seminar will be orientated towards researchers who do not normally use statistical methods but would like to be introduced to statistical modelling. It will be ideal for busy researchers who do not have time to go on longer workshops or courses. It will also be a useful refresher course for researchers whose last encounter with statistics was during their undergraduate degree. If you frequently skip over graphs and tables of modelling results when reading journal articles, then you will benefit from attending this workshop.

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Training programme 2018

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  • Introduction to Stata
  • Introduction to SPSS
  • Introduction to the Scottish Household Survey