Crime and Victimisation

Exploring the changing nature of crime in Scotland in the context of demographic, political, social and economic changes to inform the development of effective criminal justice interventions. Find out more >

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Homicide is currently at a record low in Scotland. In 2014-15, there were 59 homicides committed (including murder and culpable homicide), which is the lowest figure since 1976, and the homicide...

This project aims to explore the dramatic crime drop in Scotland, comparing and contrasting different types of crimes and offences, to establish its connection with other social, economic and...

This project focuses on change in crime at the regional level.  Existing work on regional crime trends tends to focus on simple mapping or cross-sectional analysis; there is no published work on...

Research Team

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Director of AQMeN
University of Edinburgh
Prof Susan McVie
bfrancis's picture
Professor of Social Statistics
Lancaster University
Prof Brian Francis
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Professor of Criminology
Prof Jon Bannister
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Lecturer in Social Policy
University of Edinburgh
Dr Paul Norris
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AQMeN Research Fellow in Criminology
University of Edinburgh
Dr Ellie Bates
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Lancaster University
Dr Leslie Humphreys
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Research Fellow
University of Edinburgh
Dr Rebecca Pillinger
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PhD Student/AQMeN Research Associate
University of Edinburgh
Mr Ben Matthews
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PhD Student
University of Edinburgh
Miss Sara Skott Bengtsson
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Professor of Urban Studies/AQMeN Research Associate
University of Glasgow
Prof Ade Kearns