Teaching Materials

The following materials have been created by AQMeN are now available as shared resources:

  • Scottish Independence Referendum: Secondary school teaching materials
    These materials have been developed by researchers conducting research on public attitudes on the Scottish independence referendum, held in 2014. They focus on questions about young people's political engagement and views in a way that is relevant beyond the referendum
  • Quantitative Methods: Postgraduate teaching guidance notes
    This set of guidance notes has been produced to fulfil a widely perceived and partially expressed need for help with teaching quantitative methods (QM) to social science postgraduates within Scottish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and beyond.

For details of what is covered by each module, click on the course heading.

If you would like to receive a copy of any of the materials, please complete a materials request form which is detailed within each page via the links above.  In order for AQMeN to monitor use of these manuals, you are required to notify us of your intended use as detailed on the form.

Please note that each manual comes with its own legal copyright statement and these materials must not be copied, distributed or used as a teaching aid without the express permission of the owner.  If you wish to make such a request please contact info@aqmen.ac.uk

An essential requirement of our funding is to demonstrate any impact that AQMeN has had for its members.  In order to do this we are required to obtain feedback on all materials, services and events that we provide.  By requesting training materials you agree to be contacted by AQMeN in the future and to provide feedback on these materials when requested.

UK Data Service

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