Workshop series in Advanced Quantitative Methods in Economics & Finance

A Seminar Series organised by the School of Economics and Finance of the University of St Andrews with sponsorships from SIRE (Scottish Institute for Research in Economics), AQMeN (Applied Quantitative Methods Network) and GRADskills (Innovation Grant).

Laurence Lasselle, Department Economics and Finance, University of St. Andrews

Contents of mathematically and statistically advanced material in economic and financial research have increased very rapidly over the past decade. It seems that mastering these techniques is a prerequisite to become a successful researcher. However early stage researchers may find it difficult to relate the quantitative contents of recently published research with their own. This Workshop Series aimed to bridge this gap and to develop clarity in the conceptualisation of the research process. It encouraged the use of rigorous quantitative techniques and raised early stage researchers' awareness of their use in various fields.

The Workshop Series consisted of intensive meetings featuring international scholars who presented a portfolio of techniques including financial econometrics, mechanism design, and nonlinear dynamics. It provided a forum for discussion of quantitative methods and their applications in economics and finance, as well as other social science disciplines.

Each meeting had two lectures on specific techniques given by the guest lecturer. There were special Question and Answer sessions in which participants could ask questions related to the seminar topic (e.g. about basic issues, recommended articles and books, problems with their own research, etc). The two lectures were later podcast. Lectures notes and guest speakers’ presentations were also made available from a dedicated website.

Each workshop concluded with a Young Researchers X-change in which young researchers were given the opportunity to present a particular but technical aspect of their work to the Workshop Series audience, including the scholar(s). The young researchers could present a key achievement of their research, or teach a method used in their own work. At the end of each presentation, time was allocated for questions.

The seminar series was advertised via the AQMeN website and postgraduate students who are members of AQMeN were welcome to apply to participate in this Seminar Series and take advantage of the Youth Researchers X-Change.